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The Catholic sovereigns acquired him with honour at Cordova, and, by friendly persuasion and arguments drawn from his own determined scenario and the strongly contrasted successes of the Christians, they induced him to turn out to be their instrument and vassal. From the ruined constructing one positive aspects, perhaps, probably the most passable view of the Alhambra, as its reddish line of half-demolished walls is traced alongside the undulations of the mountain on which it stands; whereas the white ridges of the Sierra Nevada furnish a magnificent background for the image, and set off the heavy mass of the unfinished palace of Charles the Fifth. From this lovely courtroom, through a door ornamented with rare designs, one is ushered into the Hall of the Abencerrages, named from the legend that in its precincts the chiefs of that family had been beheaded by order of Boabdil. Convenient spots within the stone flooring are flaunted to credulous visitors as evidences that the blood was there spilt.

Encouraged by this success, the armies of Leon and Navarre ravaged the nation about Tudela within the following 12 months, however not with equal impunity, for they were twice crushed by the Cordovan troops. Seeing, nevertheless, that it took a whole lot of defeat to daunt the Christians, Abd-er-Rahmān resolved upon stronger measures. In 920 he took command of the army himself, and by speedy marches and skilful strategy surprised Osma, and razed the fortress to the bottom; destroyed San Estevan, which he discovered abandoned by its garrison; after which turned in path of Navarre.

He paid homage and tribute to Fernando and his son Alfonso the Learned, not, nonetheless, with out a couple of struggle to free himself from their yoke; and from that time ahead Granada with its surrounding territory was generally not to mention by the Christian kings, who had sufficient to do to settle their already huge acquired territory and to get rid of local pretenders. From time to time the Moors made warfare upon their Christian neighbours, but finally they had to make up their minds to a secondary place.The sum of twelve thousand gold ducats was the tribute paid by Mohammed X., in 1463, as a situation of peace. During these two centuries the Moorish territory had suffered little diminution. Gibraltar had been lost and received and lost once more; different places, notably Algeciras, had become part of the Christian dominions; however the general extent of the Moslem realm remained within the third quarter of the fifteenth century a lot what it had been within the first half of the thirteenth. Guided by Mūsa, whose mettle was of the finest, he girded on his armour, and started to hold the warfare into the enemy's quarters.

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Within this limit, however, their kingdom was destined to endure for one more two centuries and a half. The people of the conquered cities, essentially the most valiant warriors of the vanquished Moslem states, came to put their swords at the disposal of the one remaining Mohammedan king. Fifty thousand Moors are recorded to have fled to his protection from Valencia, and 300 thousand from Seville, Xeres, and Cadiz. Nevertheless, Granada was compelled to turn out to be tributary to the Castilian crown. The founder of the dynasty of the Beny-Nasr, an Arab named Ibn-el-Ahmar, or the "Red man," because of his honest skin and hair, was a vigorous sovereign, however he could not withstand the facility of the Christians, who now held almost the entire of Spain.

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But, as destiny decreed, the tide of Mohammedan invasion had reached its limit, and the ebb was about to set in. Charles and his Franks were no emasculate race like the Romanized Spaniards and Goths. They were a minimal of as hardy and valorous as the Moors themselves, and their magnificent stature gave them a bonus which couldn't fail to inform.

Its site, shut in by mountains and the ocean, its vineyards and orchards, gardens and pastures, and its nice defensiveworks, made it the right hand of the Moslem kingdom. If Malaga fell, then the Alhambra must also move into the palms of the "eaters of swineflesh." Moved by the final emotion, and ever prepared to break lance with the invader, Ez-Zaghal boldly led his troops to the reduction of Velez. He knew that his treacherous nephew was in Granada, able to take advantage of his absence to recover his old supremacy; but Ez-Zaghal was rightly referred to as the Valiant; he put aside all thoughts of self, and got down to save Malaga. But he had to cope with a shrewd opponent; and whereas he took his measures for a combined attack from the besieged and the relieving army, Ferdinand intercepted his messages and countermined his plans. One night the people of Velez noticed the hosts of Ez-Zaghal gathered in lengthy array upon the neighbouring heights; the following morning not a soul remained; the night time attack had failed, and the relieving army had melted like the mist before the resolute onslaught of the Marquess of Cadiz. ราคา ให ล